Everything is moving so fast!

Back in the mid 90’s

When I first started designing websites back in around 1997, the internet arena looked very different from what it is today. The primary objective was to design a website so that it had fast loading speed. We were just starting to hear about Search Engines, and there was a long list of them to submit a site to: Excite, Lycos, Looksmart, Altavista, and Webcrawler to name a few. One of the techniques at the time was to create a landing or gateway page for each search engine. I loved trying to figure out the best way to trick a search engine into ranking my page above others. Needless to say, this activity no longer occupies my time.

Starting a company

In 2005, I co-founded a website design company with a good friend of mine, Jan Matthews. This was when I lived out west near the town of Turner Valley, Alberta. The company, Skyline Design, is an excellent website design company today and even though we now run our own companies, it is great to be able to bounce ideas back and forth with each other. Jan and I were both involved in every area of website development, from start to finish. I would meet with the client, come up with mockups, develop the design into a website, program the site using HTML, javascript, and CSS, and after the launch of the website, maintain the site for the client.

Running a business and doing the work

Launching New Dimension Design in 2007, I loved every aspect of my job – from getting out and meeting with the clients, to figuring out how to make the code work behind the scenes. As time quickly passed, things started moving so fast. I got more clients, more websites, learned new technologies, kept up with the changing methods of online marketing. Every now and then I even opened a graphic design book and got back to the principles of good design.

Building a team

Now that I was running a successful business, I started wondering why I wasn’t having as much fun as I used to. I was starting to feel like a hamster running in a wheel… moving faster and faster, but really not going anywhere and always feeling like I was behind. While sharing these thoughts with friend and fellow business-owner¬†Murray Groen, he suggested that I hire a business coach. Hiring Laura Watson of ¬†Venture Coaching has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made. As a result of my weekly phone sessions with Laura, I have been working on building a team made up of highly skilled and talented individuals who specialize in specific areas, such as website programming, testing, online marketing, and logo/branding design. These people have similar business values to me, and are better at their specific skills than I am.

New technology, old fashioned service

In the last year, New Dimension Design has been growing and changing. But my resolve is strong to never lose sight of the goal, to serve my customers and to see them achieve their goals and dreams. Now that I have a team to help with certain tasks, I am more available to build long-term relationships with you, my clients – and to ensure that your website and graphic design needs are met. I welcome your thoughts and comments – let’s enjoy the ride together!